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Buying Medicines Online with Dawaicart


These days online e-commerce platforms have gain a lot of popularity among people to buy and sell different types of goods and services. Among a number of products now medicines have also become common in online selling market. Many well known companies like Dawaicart offer medicines through their web platforms. It is also easier to get relevant medicines from such sites with a few simple clicks. For this, you just need to find the reliable site like Dawaicart that offers only genuine drugs. And then you can take a further step to get the prescribed medicine at your doorstep.

In order to get the prescribed medicine you first need to check out some of the available medicines on the site. Remember to first consult your doctor about the medicine that you have to take for your better health. Thereafter you can go for the any online platform to buy such products. Many people also think Why Dawaicart as in India the selling of medicines through web is not prevalent. Though many other products like apparels, electronic equipments and others are sold in a large number via the internet, the medicine market has a huge scope in Indian e-commence. However, due to the busy life people do not have enough time to go to any pharmacy to get the needed medicine so they are looking to shop it simply by sitting at their home.

One of the main reasons of trusting Dawaicart is that it is known only from its name in the market. The good will of Dawaicart is earned by providing comprehensive services to its customers. The company ensures to provide the exact medicines that its customers want. This builds trust and make the company a reliable source to opt for the required medicines every time and again. You can also choose Dawaicart and get the prescribed medicine online and stay healthy and fit.

Looking to Buy Medicine Online?


It is 2014. In last three years India has seen a bang in online business. Specifically, the retail trade has increased manyfold with the arrival of Flipkart, ebay, Jabong, Yebhi, Naptol, Healthkart and Dawaicart. The market started with Flipkart’s book selling. Now you name a product and it is available online. The last entrant has been medicines. Not many sites offer medicines online. The list no more than fifteen such as Dawaicart, Healthkartplus, Sastasundar, Apollopharmacy, Buydrug and Medist. Shree from Hyderabad writes, she was looking for a medicine called Melgain in her city. Because of her busy schedule she was not getting time to buy the medicine in Hyderabad.

Once she was travelling and saw an ad of an online retailer. She thought it would have been better if she can buy her medicines online. She knew that there are such services in developed countries like USA and UK. However, she was not sure whether she can buy medicines online in India. Out of curiosity she started searching on Google. Bingo!!! She discovered some sites allowing purchasing prescription medicines online. She particularly liked Health kart plus and Dawaicart for the wide range of medicines offered. She chose to order her medicine from Dawaicart. The ordering process was little different the way she used to shop on Jabong. First, she searched for her product and placed her order. After a while, she received an email invoice, which had payment link.


She made the payment and received confirmation of payment receipt. Within 24hours she received a message and mail that her order has been shipped through FedEx. She received her order on third day. She is very happy with Dawaicart services. One question comes to mind, when we buy medicines online how will we produce the prescription. Here it is. Dawaicart has an innovative solution. During ordering, you can take a snapshot of your prescription using your computer’s webcam. You can also take a snap shot of your prescription and mail the same to Dawaicart. Shree gives 10/10 to Dawaicart: The best online pharmacy in India. Considering, Shree’s experience I would strongly recommend you to try Dawaicart – the most popular online medicine store in India.

Dawaicart dispatches medicines to all over India. The tier-1 cities are mostly catered by FedEx and the tier-2 and 3 and rural areas are covered by Indian Speed Post. I believe, the logistics and supply chain are the most prominent problems in online medicine purchase. Many of the prescription medicines are required to be maintained a particular temperature. Therefore, an affordable cold chain logistics service will be very helpful for further growth of the retail online pharmacy in India.

Dawaicart – The online pharmacy


You must have heard and bought from Flipkart, Jabong and Amazon. You get a large selection of apparels, fashion clothing, accessories, electronics goods from these online retailers at a very attractive price and convenience. Ever wondered, if you can get your prescription medicines and other medicines online. Have ever had a situation when your doctor prescribed you medicine but you could not find the same at your local pharmacy? The medicine retail market is proliferated with hundreds of products everyday.

You local pharmacy cannot store all the medicines. Nevertheless, Orissa Drug House, one of the leading medicine stores in Bhubaneswar has come up with a unique service to cater medicines online. Yeah. It is Dawaicart!!! The name itself says everything. Dawai the Hindi word for medicines and cart, you know it. Okay. Then you might be thinking as Yebhi and Jabong, does Dawaicart caters to all part of India? Can I order medicine for me and my family? The answer is simple. Dawaicart caters to almost all the cities and towns in India. Dawaicart uses FedEx and Indian Speedpost services. Indian Speedpost has the biggest logistics network in India and FedEx connects all the tier-I and tier-II cities. Everyday hundreds of customers from New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta, Gurgaon and Noida order medicines on Dawaicart. Dawaicart serves its customers with an amazing speed and quality of service. I personally needed Femite Lotion for my toddler. I tried in my local pharmacy. Failed.

Then I searched on Google. Voila!!! It is available on Dawaicart – the online pharmacy. I placed my order and received the invoice through email. I had the option to pay my invoice through debit card, credit card, net banking, NEFT and IMPS. After my payment my order was dispatched through FedEx. I received my order in just three days. At the age when Flipkart and Amazon provide next day delivery service, Dawaicart may seem bit running behind. However, I am satisfied with the service of this new startup. I learned that though Dawaicart is relatively new, Orissa Drug House has a glorious history of 45+ years. I thank Orissa Drug House for providing online medicine purchase. I have recommended many of my friends to try Dawaicart to buy medicine online.

I am glad that my recommendation has not anyone letdown. Although online pharmacy and buying medicines online is new in India, Dawaicart with its simple and elegant website made the experience hassle free. So next time, if you need any medicines do not forget to try Dawaicart – the most popular online medicine store in India. I am happy that we can buy medicines online in India from Dawaicart. Cheers.

Everywhere in the world


Everywhere in the world, either the mercury is rising or temperature is falling beyond tolerance. To add fuel to the fire pollution and traffic jam. So on a Sunday when you are lying on the couch watching your favourite movie with your family, you don’t want to get up and go out in this mad rush. Thank god online-marketing sites have come to the rescue. In the last few years sites like Jabong.com, Yebhi.com, Yepme.com, Zovi.com, Myntra.com, Amazon.com, Babyoye.com have changed the way shopping was being done. They offer an excellent variety with competitive price that surely beats the products of any super store. From clothing to shoes to accessories to books, gadgets, cosmetics and childcare products, they have everything on their stack.

And recently Dawaicart.com, a brain child of Orissa Drug House, with forty years of experience in medicine sales has come out with a wide array of medicines for sale online. One just has to place order and make the payment; the medicines will be delivered at his door step within few days. For prescription medicines, you need to upload your prescription, because of the nature of those medicines.

Dawaicart.com has a wide range of medicines such as cardiac care, skin care, eye/care care, diabetic and other specialities. Personally, I have bought Zoray Aquagel, Cutirinz Face was and Femite lotion from Dawaicart. I could not find these medicines at my local chemist. I did not know about buying medicines online in India. I was searching on Google. Gracefully, I came across Dawaicart. I placed the order. In ten minutes, they processed my order, and I received the invoice. They have good payment options such as pay through debit card, credit card, net banking and bank transfer. After my payment, my order was swiftly dispatched through FedEx. I got my order in three days. Thank you for the great service. Else, in this scorching summer, I had to burn petrol and time to go around the city to find the medicines. However, with Dawaicart, I had a very pleasant shopping experience